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Professional Development

Training and Upskilling

AJN assists Aged Care Homes with tailored education and training programs that suit their specific needs and identified issues. We ensure that your staff understand the most current Codes, Practices and Standards relevant to them, as well as how the Australian National Age Care Classification (AN-ACC) works so that they can provide the best care possible for their clients.

AJN Provides Training In…



We provide Quality and Funding Education programs that are tailored to suit all the staff in your Home. Each Home has different needs, circumstances and pain points. This is why this program is independently developed and delivered for the sake of empowering your clinical and administrative staff to understand how to best interlink consumer clinical needs and the required funding to ensure the optimal care.

AN-ACC (Australian National Aged Care Classification)

We will provide AN-ACC training for staff in Aged Care homes and relevant providers ensure that all Aged Care providers are aware of the policies and procedures of the new funding model. By demonstrating how to continue assessing consumers and their needs to optimise the AN-ACC assessment, we enable person-centred care, Aged Care Quality Standards compliance to ensure that providers receive the level of funding they need to maintain quality care.

Ongoing Education

Finally, we ensure that providers have Ongoing Education after review and training. This is our final step in ensuring that our clients have a long-term improvement in their documentation and measurable benchmarks. AJN provides ongoing training through providing updated and tailored education programs on changes and updates to the Aged Care Quality Standards and AN-ACC on request. Please contact us for more details.

We are always looking for qualified providers to join our team!