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Keep yourself mobile!

Physiotherapy helps treat injuries, diseases and disorders through recommending exercise plans, massages, manipulation of parts of the body and other treatments. AJN provides outsourced physiotherapy services for clients in your home who require physio treatment.

Physiotherapists in Aged Care

Improve Movement

Physiotherapists utilise their training and knowledge to provide the best treatment plans for your clients. These treatment plans can provide the best ways to improve movement and increase physical independence, so your clients can be engaged with community activities and hobbies they love longer.

Pain Management

Aging often means a slew of different health issues may come knocking, including joint pain, mobility disorders, arthritis and more. A physiotherapist can provide exercise prescriptions, use clinical reasoning to target problem areas, and help you manage pain and your physical conditions.

Staff Development

Prescribing exercise plans and identifying the best way to tackle health through physical treatments isn’t the only way a physiotherapist can help. AJN recommends experienced physiotherapists who can provide ongoing mentoring and professional development to your staff to optimise the functional capabilities of your clients.

Maintaining Physical Health

Not everything requires surgery. With a good exercise plan, awareness of your body’s physical health, and an experienced physician like a physio around to check up on your weaknesses and any changing physical conditions, your clients can keep themselves as physically healthy as possible through proactive instead of reactive health provision.


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