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Food Safety Audit

Ensure food safety for your clients

As a regular food provider to a vulnerable cohort like elderly clients, it’s always a good idea to regularly check if your food safety is up to date. Contact AJN for a trusted Food Auditor to assess your GMPs, Sanitation, Regulatory Compliance, Quality Control and HACCP.

Food Safety Audits Ensure…

Quality Care

Providing healthy, nutritious and tasty food on a regular basis to a variety of different clients with different needs, cultures, diets and health requirements can be a process difficult to manage. However, maintaining safety is an essential step to maintaining quality care.

Ensure Compliance

In NSW, businesses providing food are required to have regular audits to demonstrate food safety plan compliance and other food safety requirements in the Food Regulations. A strong compliance history strengthens the reputation and provision of your business.

Lessen Risk

Regular Food Safety Audits are a great way to ensure your organisation is on the right track. Lessen the risk of food-borne diseases, update your food safety policies to reflect changes to industry standards and know you’re keeping safe against any additional risks and hazards

Investment, Not Cost

Some facilities argue that incorporating strict food safety regulations and bringing in managers with a high level of understanding in food safety may cause training, recruitment and record-keeping costs to rise. That is wrong. Food safety is an investment, for safety and health, and against inefficiency and scandals that lead to revenue drain and profit losses.


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