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Dance Therapy

Ageing well through dance

Ageing doesn’t mean you’re disqualified from having fun! Keep yourself on your toes and get yourself moving with AJN’s supplied Dance Therapy. Keep yourself as wry and mobile as you can be while having a great time with friends.

The Benefits of Dance Therapy

Physical Ability

Studies have shown that dancing for the elderly is an attractive and engaging way to maintain and increase your flexibility, increase muscular strength and endurance, as well as improve your balance!

Heart and Cardiovascular Health

Not only is dance good functional mobility like flexibility and balance, but it’s also good for improving cardiovascular health and maintaining a healthy heart for good, general health.

Mental Health

Our bodies are made to move, and exercise has long proven to be a great way to manage and uplift our mood. Dance therapy is another way to get you the exercise you need in a fun and social way, giving you structure and minimising anxiety and depression.

Memory and Cognition

Engaging in singing, dancing and other enhanced rhythmic movement has long been found to be beneficial to mood and memory by stimulating the senses and matching body movements in a structured way.

Community Engagement

Dance therapy is usually done in a large room with your peers at your Aged Care Home and is a great way to engage with the people around you while sharing an activity together.

Expressing yourself

For many, especially for people who have dementia or Parkinsons, learning to dance is to learn another way to creatively express yourself when words fail. Build a physical vocabulary and continue engaging with loved ones visually and emotionally.

About Ashley Simmons

Ashley Simmons is a passionate performer, teacher and choreographer who has taught at over 20 studios. With Ashley’s support for our dance therapy, AJN Healthcare Services will continue caring about and delivering Best Practice. We understand that no facility is the same as the next, but our industry needs a better bare minimum. AJN is committed to providing healthcare providers with the knowledge, means and education to deliver the right care at the highest level. Our evaluations are a way to catalyse change, and uplift facility operations, management and staff to run in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible while maintaining high standards of compliance. 




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