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Australian National Aged Care Classification

The Federal Government launched AN-ACC on 1st October 2022, replacing ACFI (Aged Care Funding Instrument). Under AN-ACC, an independent assessor will assess the care needs of your residents using the AN-ACC tool to determine the level of funding you receive.


AJN Healthcare Services will support you to understand this new funding model and assist in the resident assessment process.

What is AN-ACC?

As of October 1st 2022, AN-ACC (the Australian National Aged Care Classification) replaced ACFI (the Aged Care Funding Instrument) as the funding model for residential aged care. This change is a response to a recommendation from the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, aiming to transform the way care facilities operate. AN-ACC now requires external specialist expertise and advice within residential settings to assess the care needs of residents using the AN-ACC assessment tool.

How Does AN-ACC Work?

AN-ACC primarily affects aged care providers and the funding they receive, enabling aged care homes across Australia to better meet the costs of delivering care to residents. However, similar to ACFI, the AN-ACC model requires constant review of residents’ daily care needs to ensure accurate funding allocation based on their AN-ACC class. This involves ongoing assessments and cross-referencing of AN-ACC classes to ensure that residents match the proposed AN-ACC rate.

How Can AJN Health Services Help?

AJN aged care specialists are well equipped to identify AN-ACC rates according to individual residents’ care requirements based on care factors. We conduct AN-ACC assessments in collaboration with senior management, review processes and documentation, and conduct AN-ACC audits to identify gaps or trends.

We implement staff education in line with best practice guidelines, organisational policies, and relevant legislation. We provide expert advice and support to residential aged care staff on funding evidence requirements and assist in the resident assessment process

With AJN Healthcare Services, we will ensure that you can continue giving the optimal level of care to your clients under the AN-ACC model.

AN-ACC Services

100% Consumer Uplift Review

Our 100% Consumer Uplift Review combines Quality Care and AN-ACC review to assess each and every client in your Aged Care Home. Instead of providing an audit and assessment based on a snapshot of clients within your home, our individual assessment of each client provides the entire picture of your Home, capturing accurate data and gaps in funding potential to better prepare you for your assessment.

AN-ACC Guidance

Provision of care is a complex process, and pressures on time and resources may mean not truly understanding how the new AN-ACC processes and procedures works. We will educate and demonstrate how to navigate the new policies and procedures and reporting systems, plus the differences between AN-ACC and ACFI, so that staff are empowered and confident to continue provide services at the highest level.

Pre-Assessment Assistance

AJN consultants have many years of experience in validations and preparing for the daunting prospect of an ACFI-evaluation visit. Our Pre-Assessment includes providing a Home audit, assessment preparation, and training staff with AN-ACC process and procedures. We are here for you to ensure that your Home receives the funding you need to provide optimal care.

AN-ACC Reviews

Our AN-ACC reviews, available on-site or via external online reviews, will assess the accuracy of your Home’s AN-ACC funding level. We will analyse your clients holistically to find the gaps between your Home’s assessment and the true level of care you provide. Based upon clinical reasoning, inconsistencies, and/or incomplete understanding of the complex needs of each consumer, we will assist you in finding the correct funding you need.


Have questions in regards to how we can help you? Contact us directly! We are always happy to share how we can help.


Ensure your clients are receiving the right care through best practices with AJN.

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