Aged Care Vocational Training - AJN Healthcare Services
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Vocational Training

For Aged Care students

We help students find aged care vocational placements. We work in partnership with aged care homes to ensure students obtain the necessary skills and experience to succeed in a career in aged care.

AJN Healthcare are setting new benchmarks in student training.

Aged Care Vocational Training

Aged Care

Vocational Placement

If you are studying a nationally accredited course in aged care you are required to complete 120 hours of Vocational Placement. We help passionate students find a placement at one of our partner aged care facilities and prepare them for a career as an AIN.

Aged Care

Student Training

We work closely with Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) to provide hands-on workplace training for students studying Cert III or Cert IV in Aged Care. Our RN’s are the very best in the industry, and we partner with Aged Care Homes setting a new benchmark.

Aged Care Homes

& Quality Standards

Aged Care Homes need well-trained high-quality staff today and in the future. Therefore, they need to help industry standards by inviting students to work alongside their nursing staff. AJN facilitates aged care vocational students placement to ease the burden on aged care homes.

Are you interested in Aged Care Vocational Placement and Training?