Aged Care Quality Standards - AJN Healthcare Services
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Aged Care Quality Standards

Providing the Right Care

As a team of experienced clinicians and registered nurses, AJN Healthcare Services is dedicated to evidence-based practice, working with providers so that all consumers can receive the optimal level of care for their situation. Our Consumer Quality Review is the first step to our journey, as we believe education is crucial to ensuring long-term success. We provide education and skills training to uplift providers to achieve the highest standards of compliance and care sustainably and in the long term.

Quality Care Begins With Knowledge

100% Consumer Uplift Review

Our 100% Consumer Uplift Review combines with our AN-ACC assessment review. We assess each and every client in your Aged Care Home. Instead of providing an audit and assessment based on a snapshot of consumers within your home, our 100% review of each client paints the entire picture of your Home, capturing accurate data of the quality of care and services and potential optimisations.

Quality of Care Audits

Quality of care in Aged Care Homes can vary greatly. Consumers often have complex health issues, bear a greater risk of disease and adverse events, and time and resource pressures may force the prioritisation of funds from person-centred clinical judgments. Our Quality Care Audits clearly reports the disconnects between consumer needs and received care to enable future optimisation.

Training Programs

AJN’s Quality Care and Funding Education program is tailored to suit all the staff in your Aged Care Home. AJN believes in the power of education to create long-term change. By education and training, we empower staff to provide the correct care as per direction, clinical needs and funding, minimise future clinical care errors, and deliver optimal care obligations.

Compliance Assistance

AJN consultants help optimise consumer care for Aged Care Homes, helping staff link consumer clinical needs and funding to ensure the right care is delivered. Subsequently, we see major improvements from our clients in compliance with the Aged Care Quality Standards. We can ensure compliance is actualised.


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