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Aged Care Funding Instrument

Our developed ACFI processes are designed to assess each and every consumer in your home. Our audits assess whether the level of care your client is provided in the home aligns with the amount of subsidy they are given. This ensures that the consumer receives the right and optimal care while highlighting potential funding potential.

ACFI Services

100% Consumer Uplift Review

Our 100% Consumer Uplift Review combines Quality Care and ACFI review and assesses each and every client in your Aged Care Home. Instead of providing an audit and assessment based on a snapshot of consumers within your home, our individual assessment of each consumer provides the entire picture of your Home, capturing accurate data and gaps in funding potential.

ACFI Training

Provision of care is a complex process, and pressures on time and resources may mean a disconnect between subsidised funding and the care actually needed by a consumer through changing needs. We provide both One-on-One Education and ACFI Training Workshops so staff understand the policies and procedures, empowering them to provide services at the highest level.

Validation Assistance

AJN consultants have many years of experience in validations and the daunting prospect of an evaluative visit. Our Pre-validation ACFI pack audits, training and preparation, downgrade risk management and assist in documentation readiness. We are here for you to demonstrate your Home provides optimal care.

Actualisation Assistance

Our ACFI Funding review will identify gaps and potentials in funding and highlight processes that don’t accurately reflect the Principles of Assessment, such as Planning, Implementation and Evaluation. This often directly correlates with ineffective staff training and lack of continuous improvement in the home. This is where we step in, providing knowledge, means and education to actualise changes and uplift your home to its most optimised state.

ACFI Pack Audit

Our ACFI Hard pack reviews are available on-site or via external online reviews to assess the accuracy of ACFI claims and corresponding documentation. We will analyse consumers at risk of an ACFI downgrade and provide downgrade risk management plans based upon clinical reasoning, inconsistencies, and/or incomplete ACFI assessments, before providing feedback on improving ACFI documentation to minimise ACFI downgrades in the future.


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