About AJN Healthcare - AJN Healthcare Services
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About AJN Healthcare

Our Team

AJN Healthcare Services is a team of experienced Registered Nurses with extensive Managerial experience with AN-ACC, ACFI, and Quality Assurance Services, consistently providing revenue upside to clients. AJN is proud of the quality of our name and work in the industry.

Analyn Goodall

Managing Director

Analyn Goodall is a Registered Nurse with substantial experience in the Aged & Acute Care sectors. Prior to AJN Healthcare Services, Analyn was an experienced Executive Manager, holding executive management responsibilities for ACFI and Quality Assurance Services for two large Aged Care Providers. She delivered significant revenue upside to these organisations and maintained a high success rate during Validation Audits.


In addition, she and her team delivered high-quality ACFI education programs to the staff of those organisations, enabling them to sustain the ACFI levels as well as overall quality assurance standards. Ensuring that each consumer has been properly assessed with comprehensive care plans in place and consistency/accuracy in progress notes, Analyn also has comprehensively documented the associated ACFI processes and procedures for large national aged care organisations.


With the introduction of AN-ACC, Analyn uses her extensive ACFI experience to guide providers through navigating the new funding model, preparing homes for assessment, and finding the gaps between the external assessment and the reality of the level of care that each consumer needs to maintain quality care for consumers.

Providing Quality Aged Care

AJN Healthcare Services focuses on conducting Quality of Care and AN-ACC Audits for standalone facilities across the state, born from the work Analyn Goodall has committed her professional life to over the better part of the last two decades. Our objective is to ensure accurate reporting in Quality of Care and Services within Aged care Homes. We provide 100% Consumer Quality and Funding Review by individually assessing each consumer, accurately capturing quality of care and services, as well as funding gaps or potential. 



AJN is proud to maintain the Highest Quality Standards in our staff, work and processes. Our Best Practices are contagious!


The Aged Care Industry needs revolution from the ground up. AJN provides efficient solutions –  fully qualified and trained aged care workers in less time.


AJN’s client trust comes from our long, impeccable record of providing Comprehensive, In-depth, and Trustworthy Quality Services.


AJN provides ongoing education for the providers we work with for long-term improvement, and also for each and every member of our staff to ensure Best Practice.