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At AJN Healthcare Services, our consultants specialise in aligning our clients with the National Aged Care Quality Standards. Through detailed analysis of your services and individual assessment of each client, we identify the disconnects between consumer needs and received care to ensure that each and every client is getting the right care.

AN-ACC (Australian National Aged Care Classification)

From 1st October 2022, AN-ACC (Australian National Aged Care Classification) replaced ACFI (Aged Care Funding Instrument), requiring external specialists to assess the care needs of residents to determine each home’s funding level. We will help you navigate the AN-ACC model by conducting audits to identify accurate AN-ACC rates or gaps and assist staff in the resident assessment process.

Nursing Agency

(Labour Hire)

AJN upholds excellence in quality care, training and staff. We take personal responsibility in training each and every one of the staff we provide with credentials and Police Checks.


Facing unexpected absences or experiencing staff shortages? We’re here to help.

Relief Facility Managers &
Relief Care Managers

Our qualified team is available on contract as relief facility managers and relief care managers to ensure that homes maintain the highest quality of care, no matter the circumstances. Give you and your residents peace of mind knowing our qualified team is here for you.


AJN outsources helpful services to help you actualise solutions to issues highlighted in our AN-ACC Audits and Quality Standard Reports. Make your residents happier and more engaged with services such as physiotherapy, dance therapy and food audits.


Have questions in regards to how we can help you? Contact us directly!


Ensure your clients are receiving the right care through best practices with AJN. We are always happy to share how we can help.

What our staff say about AJN


AJN – Passionate About Best Practice

AJN Healthcare Services care about ensuring Best Practice. We understand that no facility is the same as the next, but our industry needs a better bare minimum. AJN is committed to providing healthcare providers with the knowledge, means and education to deliver the right care at the highest level. Our evaluations help optimise and uplift facility operations, management and staff to run in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible while maintaining high standards of compliance. 

Analyn Goodall

Analyn Goodall

Managing Director

Analyn is a Registered Nurse with substantial experience in the Aged & Acute Care sectors. Previously an Executive Manager for 2 large Aged Care Providers managing ACFI and Quality Assurance Services and providing ACFI education programs, Analyn’s reputation comes from consistently providing in-depth, high-quality, practical, and actualisable ACFI and Quality Assurance Services throughout her career. As Aged Care transitions to the new AN-ACC funding model, Analyn uses her expansive knowledge of quality Aged Care practice to continue delivering services for optimal benefit to providers.


Careers at AJN

Join our friendly team!

Do you need to finish vocational training, or wish to engage with more hours during your weekends? We’re always welcoming new hires into AJN Healthcare Services for our Nursing Agency.


We welcome Registered Nurses with more than 1 year of experience as well as carers who have attained Cert III or IV in Aged Care. We also welcome chefs and kitchenhands to join our team for greater support for aged care homes.

New Aged Care Training System

item showcase image

The Aged Care Industry direly needs more skilled, certified workers to enter the industry.

Students are the future of our workforce, and enabling high-quality training is our priority

RTOs will funnel students needing quality vocational placements to AJN, who will provide the training

Working together with other industry stakeholders will deliver better ongoing training outcomes

From partnering RTOs to studying flexibly online for Cert IV qualifications to quality vocational training with qualified RNs

Efficient, Effective, No-hassle approach to training to improve quality of care in the Aged Care Industry

Some Words From Past Clients

We are always looking for qualified providers to join our team!